What is FlowCoin?

Flowcoin is a new way of paying for recurring services and subscriptions, and for receiving recurring income.
Flowcoin lets you setup and manage these payments/receipts. It enables you to visualise at a glance who your money is flowing to and how quickly.

A radically new way to transfer value without using transactions.

The world is moving from a product to a services-based economy. The way we currently pay for subscriptions is with regular payments and the way most employees get paid is with regular payments. The problem with this is that these regular payments have varying due dates and frequencies (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc), this leads to a great deal of confusion as to whether you have money to spend. If you are receiving a flow, you view your balance online and see it grow in real-time. => With our website, you can visualise all of your flows in one place and see your balance grow in real-time.

Dashboard from perspective of Merchant/Charity receiving flows

Flow treats money like water.

The current transaction based system is like dropping ice cubes into a glass, flow is like pouring in water. When you create a flow, you set how fast you want the flow to run and who to. You are free to stop the flow at any time. We keep (blockchain) records of when your flows started and stopped, so there are no longer any transactions. If you are receiving a flow, you view your balance online and see it grow in real-time.



  • Send regular payments internationally to family or friends with very low fees.
  • Support your tribe – Directly support content creators, charities or community projects with micro-flows.
  • Understand at a glance whether your outgoings exceed your incomings.
  • Predict when you will achieve a savings goal or run out of money.
  • No more surprise payments on unexpected days